Preschool Puzzle Sort Activity

Preschool Puzzle Sort

We’ve been up visiting Grandma in the gorgeous rural WA countryside this week.

Olympic Peninsula Beach

Olympic Peninsula Beach Field Trip

One of the things I like best about homeschooling is the freedom it allows us. Not only in selecting our curriculum based on her interests at the moment, but also in freedom of location.

When kiddo’s are in a traditional school, you certainly can take them on a vacation, but the schooling generally takes a break while you’re gone. With our current curriculum, I choose a few days to bring with me. That ensures that if we have some down time I have a built in activity to hold her interest and there isn’t a week long gap in her learning schedule.

Taking School with us

One of the best aspects of Mother Goose Time, the preschool curriculum we use, is it’s portability. (If you are looking for an overview of the entire day read this post.) Knowing we were coming to Grandma’s house I chose some quick and easy activities for the times when she expressed boredom. I didn’t want her to be overwhelmed with schooling, but when she asks if I brought any school to do so we pull out some simple activities.

Puzzle Sort Activity

We always love the books that we get with the monthly curriculum, and even more so, the materials that support the book. Each book has a set of magnets to tell the story and different games and activities that reinforce throughout the month. One of the days that we brought with us had the puzzle.

Puzzle Sort Activity Set Up

For the activity we placed all of the puzzle pieces in the bag and added 4 pieces from a different puzzle. Then I sat back and let her puzzle out which pieces go together and sort out what was supposed to be excluded.

Preschool Puzzle Sort Activity

I had brought a second puzzle from one of our previous months. Assuming that having pieces of similar size and texture would create an additional challenge. You could easily do this with any puzzle you have at home, but I find that the cardboard puzzles are the best fit for her right now with 12 pieces.

Puzzle Sort Activity

The other puzzle came from one of our favorite books from Mother Goose Time, Does a Bear Wear a Hat in the Woods? I deliberately didn’t include any of the bear, just the edge pieces thinking perhaps she would need to struggle through which pattern fit in.


As I watched her work through the process, I was interested to see that she immediately separated out the other pieces in a pile. However, she still took each piece individually and placed it into the puzzle board. Saying this doesn’t go here, but she seemed to be verifying with a visual/physical sort.

She very proudly displayed her puzzle than asked if we could read the I AM book that goes with the puzzle. Afterwards we headed back inside for some more family time having taken a school time-out at her request.

Finishing up the rest of our day.

After that we headed out to the best little farm store, Nash’s Farm Store where there is a Montessori style play area set up for the kids. We talked about making friends at the store and she used some of our play acting from earlier in the month to meet a little boy there.

Around the corner we were able to see a calf being born at The Dungeness Valley Creamery. Admittedly I was more impressed than she was, although we she did love getting to pet the babies.

I finished up editing her 3 year birthday photos from the day before. Stay tuned for our next post to get more ideas on how to use your Mother Goose Time curriculum. If you’re looking for some ideas on how to set up a photo shoot for your homeschooler, stay tuned for our next post.

Learn to style a preschool photo shoot

We easily were able to include Mother Goose Time in our day. She’ll be able to step back into a routine when we get back, which is one of the hardest parts of vacation, I think. Looking for some fun fall activities? Check out our 30 days of fall blog party to get some fun nature and fall activities.

Disclosure – We were so excited to be chosen as an official Mother Goose Time Blog Ambassador effective September 2018. As a blog ambassador I receive the curriculum in exchange for my honest feedback and experiences using the materials. All thoughts and opinions are my own. I hope that you are encouraged and inspired to try new things with the little ones in your life.

Easy Preschool Puzzle Sort Activity



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