Preschool Learning to Make Friends Activity

Making Preschool Friends Puppet Activity

This Making Friends Activity is Perfect Right Now

Preschool Making Friends Puppet Activity-8

This Preschool Making Friends activity comes at a perfect time for us as we are starting a real weekly class next week. When I say real, I mean a class where I’m dropping M off and leaving her to interact socially without me each week. We’ve done plenty of mommy and me and story time type of classes.

Now, she is moving into a solo class though. This is going to help her grow as an individual in ways she can’t when I’m right next to her. (Yes, this is a little bittersweet as it’s another definitive marker that babyhood is over).

She is also at an age where she is very actively seeking out other children. At the park or the library, even at the grocery store. She sees other kids and immediately wants to say hello. Personally, I’ve realized that I have so many cousins, I can’t recall having to figure out how to talk to other children.

Preschool Making Friends Puppet Activity-8

I knew that I was going to have to teach her how to walk and ride a bike and read, but I never really thought through how I was going to teach her to initialize social interactions. My basic plan for building friendships was be where other kids are, make sure she doesn’t smell awful and that she isn’t a jerk. Surely the rest will work itself out.

As we all know, parenting is rarely that easy. On top of that, I want her to be her own person, develop empathy and a social confidence that requires me to step back and let her do it herself.

One of the reasons that I love Mother Goose Time so much is that the guided exercises help me as a parent as well. Despite my love affair of pinterest I rarely have organized activities lined up for her. Until I started getting the magic school bus boxes!

Flexibility in our Daily Routine

We opened up our first day of curriculum for September and found these fun and friendly puppets ready for creation. We started out creating them outside during our breakfast picnic. Until a wasp the size of Rhode Island chased us inside.

As often as possible we try to get outside. The portability of Mother Goose Time ensures that it is easy set up. Homeschooling her ensures that she can stay on her routine while hanging out in her jammies. As you can see in this activity she was proudly sporting her Minnie Mouse nightgown.

I’m a big believer in routines, but teaching flexibility within those routines. We generally put on our Circle Time CD after breakfast and M knows that we are ready to shift our focus to school. After a less structured August I think we are both ready to get back in the flow of a regular day.

If you’ve ever gone to any sort of story time or group class you’ll see that the facilitators lead that transition with music and consistent routine so the kids know what is expected of them. We try really hard to keep that up here.

Normally, after breakfast I start the Story Time CD and we head to our circle time poster to talk about the weather and the day of the month, etc. Before she gets up I have everything set up and she always chooses the STEAM stations for awhile.

However, if I’ve set up an activity outside she will choose that before anything else. So Circle Time gets bumped to a bit later in the morning. Which is how we ended up outside having a breakfast picnic with our first activity. I’m okay with that. It’s Texas and the heat is still intense so we try to get outside early in the morning.

For me the beauty of homeschooling is the ability to adjust our routine to fit her interests. After we go in she’ll get dressed and we’ll put on our Circle Time CD and then probably end up at the STEAM stations.

Preschool Making Friends Puppet Activity-8

Creating Friendly and Fun Puppets

M loved the fun feathers! However, she was a little stressed realizing the photo examples didn’t match her clothes art work. At 3 she still doesn’t have the dexterity to create detailed drawings. Honestly, I think this is healthy for her though. She tends to be a bit of a perfectionist and I feel that she benefits from having to wing it a bit.

Preschool Making Friends Puppet Activity-8

After we had them created, and escaped the wasp, I asked her to give them names. Naturally they ended up with names that match her new friend we met at the library , and herself. I pretended to be her friend puppet and we played for a bit. I took the opportunity to create different scenarios to see what she would do as a result.

Preschool Making Friends Puppet Activity-8

Perhaps she watched too much trolls, but her solution to nearly every scenario was to give a hug… Just hug it out. There are definitely worse things. Although we did talk about making sure the other person is okay with getting a hug. We went over what happens when someone has a potty accident, when they are missing their mom, if another kid was mean to them and if they were mad because M took a toy they were playing with, and when they don’t want to share.

Preschool Making Friends Puppet Activity-8

Honestly this activity has helped me take a step back and consider how I teach other life lessons. Stranger Danger, talking to a parent or teacher if something is uncomfortable, how to find a police officer in an emergency, etc.

All things that she is quickly moving towards needing to know more about. Thanks to Mother Goose Time and their creative puppets I will be pulling out our craft sticks. We have some major puppet role playing to do in the future.

Preschool Making Friends Puppet Activity-8

In the meantime we still have our fun little friend puppets here. They make an appearance at lunch time most days. Eventually, they will probably go to grandma’s or an aunt’s house. We like to mail our art projects to relatives throughout the month. This keeps clutter down and they can see firsthand what Miss M is up to these days.

Wondering what a full day curriculum looks like? Check out our exploration of the hummingbird curriculum.

Disclosure – We were so excited to be chosen as an official Mother Goose Time Blog Ambassador effective September 2018. As a Blog Ambassador I receive the Mother Goose Time preschool curriculum in exchange for my honest reviews and authentic stories using the curriculum. All opinions and thoughts are my own. I hope that you are inspired and encouraged to try new things with the little ones in your life.

Making Friends Puppet Activity


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