Preschool Cooking In the Classroom

Fun Preschool Cooking Activities for Kids

I’m a big believer in homemade food for healthier choices and for life skills. When I’m planning my preschool cooking experiences I feel that we are helping create healthy lifelong habits for her.

I would love to say that I’m also a believer in gardening for health, but I can barely keep an Ivy alive. Maybe a new goal for next year?

Since becoming a mom I’m always looking for ways to connect with my kiddo and ensure she’s involved with as many activities as possible. Growing up many of my best memories are being in the kitchen with grandma or my aunt’s. And then eating all that delicious food together.

Teaching Healthy Habits to a Toddler

Food is the language of love in my family. We show we care by taking time to create something that nurtures. I truly believe this is an important lesson in self care I want to teach my daughter.

You should care enough about yourself to nurture your body with food that you’ve created. Because no matter what the TV ads say, Jack in the Box is not really truly trying to show you love and affection.


Toddler Cooking Ideas

I also struggle with my weight and understand the health implications for my daughter if she does as well. Together we are making healthier choices. Ultimately she’ll make her own choices as she grows, but I need to ensure I’ve given her the best possible tools for success.

Looking through the internet (okay, Pinterest) and the book stores, I was surprised to discover that toddler cooking books are not meant to be read by toddlers. There is a lot of writing, a few pictures, but not enough to give her the lead.

So, I started converting our own visual recipes from some of our favorites. I am working to compile them into a cookbook that I will gift her for Christmas.

You’ll find links to the recipes here so you can download and get your kiddo cooking and baking along with you.

Visual Banana Bread Recipe for Preschool

Visual Pumpkin Spice Muffins

Our Favorite Toddler Kitchen Tools

In a quest to not only bring my toddler into my kitchen, I actively work to create an environment that encourages her to feel empowered and creative. Having a preschooler in the kitchen means more than play to me.

I really want her to have fun and help with the real prep and creation of our food. I also needed that to be done safely and in conjunction with actively creating food for our family.

Here is a list of our favorite tools and some additional details about them to help you find the best resources for your toddler.

Toddler Kitchen Tower

Kitchen Toddler Tower ***OUR FAVORITE KITCHEN TOOL***


Toddler Meal Planning and Grocery Shopping

Working on creating a nutritious plan together I focus on helping her eat a rainbow. We talk about what nutrients a food brings to our bodies. The need for Vitamin A or D is a little beyond her still. Understanding that we ate something green so now we should try for something red completely engages her.

To help her be a more adventurous eater, we created a rainbow chart and food items for the week. Based on the advice of my pediatrician we focus on creating a daily and weekly balance as opposed to individual meals.

Encouraging her involvement with our meal planning I’ve created a visual meal plan and a shopping list that she’s in charge of.

Visual Vegetable Shopping List for Toddlers

I hope these resources help you and your preschooler create wonderful memories in the kitchen as well. I post a new recipe each week, often in conjunction with our preschool theme of the week.

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