Preschool Airplanes Theme with Mother Goose Time

Airplane Themed Preschool Learning

We’ve been having so much fun learning about transportation this month, and we’re working on our airplane theme day today. It helps that we recently went to Sequim to visit family, so our airplane trip was fresh in M’s mind.

Poor baby has had the crud this week, so we’re a little behind. However, I’m so thankful for the activities that keep her from being crazy now that she’s starting to feel a little better. Mother Goose Time Curriculum is great for keeping little minds busy without screen time. We’ve watched the Incredibles 2 about 16 times in the last 4 days  while she was sick. We are definitely ready to stretch our thinkers a little.

Circle Time

We started out with our circle time talking about how airplanes take off and land. Quite frankly I’m glad I haven’t flown on any of M’s airplanes as hers always had a crash landing. I gave her a cup of water and asked her how she could land without spilling. Then we talked about how the pilots try to land without spilling our drinks when we’re flying.

Creative Airplanes

All together we created 3 airplanes today. This one that we practiced blowing and 2 that were basic paper airplanes for outside time a little later. This one we used a straw to blow and worked on trying to get it further and highest. We tried measuring it by numbers and by shapes and kept a graph of how far it went.

Cloud Letters

After the airplanes we worked on writing our cloud letters in the shaving cream. Talking about how the shaving cream looked like clouds from an airplane and then what kind of shapes the letters would need. My mini me was a little nervous about the mess I guess so she asked if she could do the letters in the bathtub. Then we crashed some of our airplane counters through the clouds.

STEAM Activity

We skipped our last activity as color sorting is not quite advanced enough for M. The beauty of Mother Goose Time is that we can choose an activity that interests her, mix and match with our supplies or time frames and still get a well rounded day. We chose the STEAM activity for the following day which is a hot air balloon activity. We learned about hot air expansion and cold air contraction. STEAM is her favorite part of the day definitely. Hands on learning is always her first choice and I love to see the concepts that she gets introduced to.

Outside Discovery

While we’ve definitely been known to take the entire school day outside, since M hasn’t been feeling well we only worked on our outside discovery. While the activity in the Teachers Guide suggests nature items as markers we used simple chalk lines to measure. Followed by a snack and then a nap, it was a great day with Mother Goose Time.

Disclosure – we were chosen to be blog ambassador’s for Mother Goose Time. Meaning that we receive our curriculum for free in exchange for our honest opinions and reviews of our experiences. I hope that our experiences help you find new ways to interact with the little people in your life. 

Wondering what a full day of Mother Goose Time looks like? Check here, or for more ideas of our STEAM activities, check here.


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