Use Nature to Create Art and Memories with your Kids

How to Use Nature to Create Art and Memories With Your Kids

Our blog post today comes to us from Natalie at Moms and Kids Creating Memories. Now that you’ve collected items on your nature walk, here’s some fun and creative ways to create art and decor this fall. Bonus ~ your kids learn about different textures. Sneaky STEAM learning.

Fall is a great time of year to explore and create.  There are so many different things you can do with your kids and your families during this time of year.  I love allowing my kids to play outside in the cooler weather and find all kinds of cool things in nature. So, my favorite things to do as a family is go to a pumpkin patch or a fall festival and enjoy time as a family.

Fall Art and Memories - My Kids

I love not only using fall as a time to spend time with family but I also love to incorporate fall into their learning.  There are so many ways to do this and I’m sure some of these things you might have done as a little kid. I know I did some of these things growing up and I can still remember the fun I had to this day.  So let’s check out some fun ways to use fall to not only create art but also to create memories this Fall season. Don’t forget when doing crafts, write your kids’ names and the date on the back so you can always remember when you created this art with your kids.

Tree Bark Rub

Who hasn’t done a tree bark rub before? This was one of my favorite things to do growing up.  We would find different kinds of trees and make as many different rubbings as we could.

I went out with my kids with our cardstock and crayons and rubbed the crayon on the paper on the tree.   

Fall Art and Memories - My Kids

We did tree rubbings on the two different kinds of trees that we have in our yard and they loved it.  They got to choose the color crayon to use and they got to choose the spot on the tree to rub. I love giving my kids choices to make their craft their own in little ways and this was a great way to do that.

After your kids have finished doing their tree rub talk about them.  Figure out what kinds of trees they are, talk about the differences between the trees.  It is so fun to talk about all the differences in nature and it is a great way to see how each tree is created different.  

Acorn Painting

I don’t know about you but I love painting with my kids, especially with things that they don’t expect.  I love to create art with them and this is one of my favorite things to do. Marble painting is probably something that you have heard of before but I like to paint with acorns in the Fall.

You might not have acorns around your house, but maybe you know someone with an acorn tree or you could buy some from a craft store.

It’s so simple to do all you need is:

  • Aluminum Pan with a lid (I usually get these at Dollar Tree or Walmart) or a box
  • Small Bowl or Cup
  • Paint
  • Cardstock (I like to use this instead of plain paper because it lasts better)
  • Acorns  

Fall Art and Memories - Acorn Supplies

The best way to do this is to have small cups with paint in with them.  Put the paper in the bottom of the box, drop the acorns into the paint and then onto the cardstock.

Once you are all set you have your kids move the box back and forth and all around and watch the acorns roll and make art.  

Fall Art and Memories - Painting with Pinecones

I love to see how each art project comes out so different. Each kid has their own technique and each kid has a fun time doing it.

Fall Art and Memories - Acorn Art

Pinecone Painting

I love to paint with things that are not only paint brushes.  Fall gives so many great options for doing that, including pinecones.  It’s so fun to use nature and unexpected things to paint with to create art.  Pine cones are all over the place and you might have some in your own yard. Again, if you don’t have pine cones you can get some from a friend or your craft supply store.

The Supplies you need for this fun project are:

  • Pinecones (I had to buy mine so mine were small but any would work)
  • Box or Aluminum Pan
  • Small Bowls (I found nice plastic ones at the Dollar Tree)
  • Cardstock
  • Paint

We painted with our pinecones two different ways.  One way the kids held the pinecones and dipped them in the paint and then painted onto the paper.  The other way we did it was to coat our pinecones in paint and then roll them around in the pan. Both ways were fun and created great art.

Fall Art and Memories - Pinecones Supplies

After you have gathered all your supplies you are ready to have some fun. I enjoy allowing my kids to choose what types of colors they want to paint with.  I chose a couple colors based on what we are going to make with them afterward and they can choose all or one of them. I love talking to my kids about why we are painting with certain colors (holidays, etc…) or what happens when colors mix together and create new colors.  Have fun and enjoy this time with your kids.

Fall Art and Memories - Painting with Acorns

This is a fun project so your kids can see the different textures made by using different parts of nature.   You might need to have lots of cardstock on hand because my kids ask to do this over and over again.

Fall Art and Memories - Pinecone Art

Corn on the Cob Painting

There’s so much nature that is being talked about around Fall such as apples, corn, pumpkin and so much more.  So why not use some of those to paint as well.  

This is another simple craft to do with your kids because all you need is:

  • A box or aluminum pan
  • Cardstock
  • Paint
  • Corn on the Cob

Fall Art and Memories - Corn Supplies

You can either roll it around in the Box or you can attach corn holders to it so your kids can roll around on the paper.

Fall Art and Memories - Painting with Corn

I love the texture you can get by painting with corn and kids love to roll it around and see what fun designs they get.  

Fall Art and Memories - Corn Art

So, find some fruit or vegetables that are in season right now and use them to create some works of art.

So now what?  What happens to all this art now?

So now you have all these paintings and works of art and now what do you do with them? So often our kids have all these paintings and drawings and they get thrown into a box or thrown away because there’s so many of them.  How can we make this year different?

I want to encourage you to use these pieces of Art in a secondary project.  So instead of throwing away that painting, you can use it in the back of a frame as a mat.  Then place a picture of your kid on it playing in the leaves or doing the painting itself. You can do this with any of these pieces of art that we talked about.  I love looking around my house and all the different pictures of my kids and the memories that were made. So why not make that experience even better by having their art there as well.

Fall Art and Memories - Picture Frame Art

Do you have a dinner planned at your house for the holidays?  Use your child’s art and cut them into shapes like leaves or pumpkins and place them in the center of your table as decorations. You can also cut them into different shapes and turn them into garland to hang up in your house for the fall season to decorate and make it feel more homey.  You could also use their art to make name cards for the party or napkin rings. There are so many ways to use your kids’ art to make the holidays more special. Get your kid involved and see what ideas they can come up with on how to use their art in different ways (you might be surprised with what they come up with).

I love to be able to use my kids’ art to decorate my home and make it more special. Kids also love to see their art on display, so it is a win win.

Fall Art and Memories - Fall Decor

Another idea to repurpose your kids’ art is to create a card out of it.  Do you have friends or family that live far away that you could send a card to? Turn your child’s art into a card, have them write a special message (or doodle if they are little) and send it to a friend or family member.  Not only will this be exciting for your kid but it will make the fall season more special for the receiver as well.  

Fall Art and Memories - Art Into Card

I love this whole time of year and I hope that you do too.  I’m hoping this year you can use some of these great ideas to create art and memories with your kids using nature. It doesn’t have to be hard it doesn’t have to cost a lot of money but it can be so filled with memories that can last a lifetime. We only have so many years with our kids and before we know it they’ll be grown.  I want to e able to look back and see what I have created with my kids and remember all the sweet memories we had together.

If you are looking for some other fun fall crafts to do with your kids this year check out 5 Fun Fall Crafts.

Until next time, keep creating memories with your kids.


Moms and Kids Creating Memories

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We hope you are enjoying our fall blog party and finding creative ways to get your kiddo’s out in nature. What has been your favorite activity so far? Are there any activities that you would like to see and haven’t yet? Comment below and share your fun.





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