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Baby it’s cold outside! You know what that means?

Soups, Stews, Chili…Basically anything I can get smoking hot and then hold in a mug. Also, it helps heat the house because no matter what the thermostat says it is chilly. The wrong kind of chilly.

With homemade bread. Because…bread, winter…yes. Again, a skill I think kids should know and love. How to bake a loaf of bread. There is a lot of satisfaction that comes from creating your own bread and eating it fresh from the oven.

Also, my kiddo loves soup so that helps us create a healthy meal when a lot of our favorite veggies aren’t in season. And hopefully we’ll get back on track after a holiday sugar frenzy.

What we’re eating this week.

Creamy Cauliflower Chowder with Homemade Bread. This is my go to never fail me homemade bread recipe. I try to not overload us in carbs, but with a bowl full of goodness the chowder is a lighter version so I can feel good about baking bread.

P.S. I’m stupid excited to try this bread in my new cast iron.

Creamy Sausage and Mushroom Soup – I am planning to lighten it by leaving out most of the cream and adding in some Kale. Because kale and soup go together like bread and butter. Buttermilk biscuits anyone?

Chili – Because my poor husband works outside and needs something that will warm him up from the inside out. And because I then have a good excuse to use my cast iron skillet for cornbread.

Chicken Taco’s – Because we cannot eat soup every night or my husband might leave me for someone who doesn’t cook so much soup.

Meatloaf and Mashed Potatoes – I now cook my potatoes religiously in my Instant Pot. This allows me to leave out the butter and milk. With only creamy potatoes in there they are a healthier option than a traditional stove top mash. I feel good about leaving them on the menu when they are lightened up.

Pork Tenderloin with Mashed Sweet Potatoes – One of my favorite side dishes at Thanksgiving, I sometimes forget about it the rest of the year, but I’m determined to keep it on the menu this year.

Smoked Chicken – Because my husband just got an amazing Camp Maid 3 in 1 grill/smoker for Christmas and I want to bust it out…I actually might owe him a Christmas present as I think I’ve almost officially borrowed it permanently.

There you have it, dinner for the week. Thanks for helping me stay on track. Creating meal plans for everyone helps me stay focused and hopefully saves you some time and creates some inspiration for your dinners.

Now let’s get cooking!


I’m a Fort Worth based mom with a passion for roasted beets, chocolate chip cookies and creating play based learning opportunities. I’m trying to set the example of a healthy lifestyle but find I enjoy coffee in my jammies more than running. I’m a work in progress and you are welcome to come hang out with me anytime.

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