Fitness Inspiration for Your Homeschool

Stroller Running Resources

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Everyday Fitness for your Toddler

We love incorporating movement into our routine. While I love the example that is being set while I get in shape, riding in a stroller doesn’t get my kiddo much exercise herself. Acknowledging that the recommended daily fitness goal for a toddler is 60 minutes, here are some resources for getting your kiddo moving.

Dance N Beats – We love the fitness component that comes with our Mother Goose Time preschool curriculum. Each month a CD is included that supports the thematic learning of the month. There is an add on option that we’ve never tried, but we LOVE their Youtube channel for fun, short silly dances that get my 3 year old dancing around the room.

Cosmic Yoga – I can’t say enough good things about Cosmic Yoga. The Youtube channel is free and engaging, my daughter will ask to watch Jamie and is fully engaged doing yoga along with her. Admittedly, I’ve often done it along with her.