Fall Fun for Homeschoolers

Fall Fun For Homeschoolers

Today’s guest post is brought to us by super mom Erica who you’ll find offering homeschooling wisdom over at Iddy Biddy Works of LoveErica is inspiring us to embrace all things fall with our homeschoolers with some helpful hints how that will look. 

Fall is a fun time to be a homeschooler. Something about the temperature cooling really brings out the homebody in me. I go into full blown homeschool mom mode. Here are some things our family does in the fall to foster fun and learning:

● Gathering seasonal items-Fall is a great time to get homeschoolers outside to gather seasonal items. Toddlers especially love this activity, though my four year old still thinks it’s fun. Gather pine cones, acorns, walnuts and pecans.

Fall Preschool Fun

● Fall themed food- In our house fall means making applesauce together. While the work of preparing and boiling the apples is mine, my son loves to turn the crank on our dual mashing strainer. If you want to try making applesauce at home and don’t have a strainer, take heart. Peel and core your apples. Place them in a pan and cover them with water. Boil 15-20 minutes, or until soft. Let them cool a bit, drain making sure to save the water in a separate container, then puree the apples in a blender. Pour your apple puree back in a pot. Simmer on low, stirring regularly until thick.

Looking for an easy apple project? Check out our guest blogger tomorrow when Rachel at Pencils and Chalk dissects an apple with her preschoolers.

This can take up to an hour and you have to make sure to keep it from sticking to the bottom, so stir and don’t be tempted to turn the heat up. The time it takes is well worth the wait! You will have a lot of fresh applesauce. Season with cinnamon if you lie. Other Fall themed foods that we make together as a family are pumpkin seeds, rolls, and pumpkin pie.

● Leaves- Nothing says Fall like the brilliant orange and red leaves falling from the sky like parade confetti. Each year our family makes a point of getting outside to play in the leaves. This is a great time to talk about science with older kids.

Leaves are green because they have chlorophyll, which absorbs red and blue light, but not green which is why we see green. Leaves also have a red and orange pigment throughout the year, but the green covers it up. In the fall the chlorophyll breaks down and we see the red and orange coming through! O.K. enough nerding out.

When we’re done playing in the leaves we gathering some of all sizes to make crayon rubbings. Do this by taping leaves to a plain piece of paper. Flip the paper over and rub crayon all over. The shape of the leaf will reveal itself in your crayon colors of choice.

● Rain play-Fall seems to bring with it more rain. Little ones can lose heart as they lose more of their outside play time. This is a fine time to let kids investigate how water behaves. Not only do kids love playing with water, but observation is the work of science. Give kiddos cups, pvc pipes, straws, blocks and rubber bands so they can play with trying to redirect the flow of water. Make sure to have dry clothes waiting.

● Noticing Rhythms- Each day our family sits outside for a while in the mornings and the evenings. As the seasons change we talk about the change in the weather; how Summer is ending and it’s becoming Fall, the trees will begin to shed their leaves and it will get dark earlier now.

● Worksheets-Our family takes an eclectic unschool approach to homeschool, but we still use worksheets. We cover whatever topics my son is showing an interest in. I don’t force topics. He inevitably asks for math, and that’s when I can break out my awesome fall themed addition sheets from the fall themed printables page over at 3dinosaurs.com
Those are are my go to activities. I’m always on the lookout for more ideas and that’s what I love about homeschoolers. We love to share ideas!

What are you planning on doing with your homeschoolers this Fall?

Erica Svendsen is a car-free bicycle enthusiast, nonfiction writer and homeschooler of an adventurous four year old. She loves to cook, read and is currently trying to learn the ukulele. You can find her on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and over on her blog Iddy Biddy Works Of Love.

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I’m a Fort Worth based mom with a passion for roasted beets, chocolate chip cookies and creating play based learning opportunities. I’m trying to set the example of a healthy lifestyle but find I enjoy coffee in my jammies more than running. I’m a work in progress and you are welcome to come hang out with me anytime.

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