5 Fall Activities for your Preschooler

5 Fall Activities for your Preschooler

Our 30 days of fall guest poster today is bringing us some more fun activities to complete this fall with your preschooler. If you are like me, you struggle to fill your sensory bins with something beyond rice and beans. Read through the post to find your inspiration.

This is one of my favorite times of the year. Something about the crisp fall air, the leaves changing color and the animals preparing for winter. We love getting involved with nature during this time of year and I turn everything into a learning activity for my little one. We love going to the pumpkin patches, corn mazes and apples farms. With so much change going on outside this is a perfect time to do a learning study around fall. Here are some of our favorite learning activities to do during fall.

Nature scavenger hunt

This is a large gross motor activity
I must say my toddler absolutely loves going on nature walks so when I decided to do a scavenger hunt she was all for it. We did a walk in our backyard then around the block. I created a paper with different items pictured on it and I had my daughter search for those items. We looked for sticks, different color/ shaped leaves, sunflowers, rocks, acorns, and pine cones.
Things to talk about
While on the walk we talked about how and why the leaves changed colors, what different colors we seen and the bark of the trees that were different.

Creating Art with Nature

This activity deals with fine motor activity along with imagination.
Materials needed
• Nature materials collected on walk
• Paper
• Paint
• Crayons
Using the materials, you collected during the nature scavenger hunt set up an area for your child to paint. Let them paint with the leaves, rocks, sticks, pine-cones, acorns and such. Using the leaves and crayons they can create leaf rubs on their paper. You can also use a piece of tree bark and create a rub of that.
Things to talk about
While the child creates their nature art you can talk to them about what they are doing to enhance their learning.
• What different textures do you see?
• Where did that item come from?
• What color is that?
• Can you create a shape?

Quiet time Tree Activity

This is a fine motor and concentration activity
• Brown pipe cleaners
• Buttons
Create a tree out of the brown pipe cleaners. Using the buttons have your child thread the buttons on the branches of the tree. This is a great threading activity that will get them to really focusing. We love to use different size and shape buttons to add some difficulty.
Things to talk about
• How many buttons are there?
• What shape is that button?
• What color is the button?

Learning Name with Tree

This is a great activity to involve art fine motor and learning
• White Paper
• Color Paper for leaves
• Glue
Cut out leaves for each letter of your child’s name. Write a letter on each leaf. On the piece of paper create a tree. Have your child spell out their name and glue the leaves to the tree in the proper order. Depending on the age of your preschooler they may need assistance spelling out their name.
Things to talk about
• What letter is that?
• What sound does that letter make?
• What color is that leaf?
• What letter comes next?

Fall Sensory Bin

Preschoolers love to explore and learn in many different ways. Introducing new textures and materials to them gets their brain to thinking in different ways. We are big on sensory bins in our house one of our favorites being Colored rice. With fall around the corner this is a perfect time to create a fall sensory bin. There are many
There are many different items you can include in your fall sensory bin so I am going to list a few.
• Apples
• Leaves
• Sticks
• Rocks
• Sunflowers
• Dried corn kernels
• Hay
• Oats
• Cinnamon Sticks
• Pine cons
• Acorns
• Sunflower Seeds
• Cups
• Shovels
• Spoons
• Tongs
For our bin we choose leaves, sticks, rocks and bark. When creating a sensory bin, I like to keep my sensory bin the same for about a week then change it up.
Things to talk about
• How does that feel?
• Can you make noise with that?
• Will that item fit in a cup? Can you pour the item out?
• What does that smell like?

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Megan is a stay-at-home mom and mother to a very busy 3-year-old. She understands how crazy motherhood can be at times and she wants to share her Motherhood survival guide. Megan blogs over at Modern Small Town Mama where she hopes to help and inspire parents of little ones. She loves to share parenting advice and tips, crafts, learning activities and much more to help parents out there.
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We hope you are enjoying our 30 days of fall blog party and getting inspired to get outside or bring fall inside to you. If you are looking for more ideas to include on your nature walk, make shapes out of nature with your preschooler with this activity.


I’m a Fort Worth based mom with a passion for roasted beets, chocolate chip cookies and creating play based learning opportunities. I’m trying to set the example of a healthy lifestyle but find I enjoy coffee in my jammies more than running. I’m a work in progress and you are welcome to come hang out with me anytime.

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