Creating a Map with Mother Goose Time

Map your House Together

We are loving our transportation themed month from Mother Goose Time. We’ve learned about different types of transportation, counted vehicles, built bridges and stoplights and read about a duck driving a truck.

One of the activities that I’ve enjoyed the most so far, is creating a map of our home. This is what I like to think of as a bonus activity from our MGT curriculum. Map creation is a Circle Time activity. In the beginning of each day there is suggested circle time activity with a focus on group activity.

Each night as I’m laying out our activities for the next day I plan how I’m going to structure that activity towards our homeschooling day and a single student. This one was fairly easy and a lot of fun.

Creating the Map

I started out making a basic map of our learning spaces, which are primarily in 3 rooms. When we started circle time we talked about when we’ve seen a map and how we use a map. Together we talked about how a map helps us find places. Even though we know where everything is, we thought it would be helpful to create a map to help her friends. Also, it turns out that her newest stuffed animal friend might need a map to help get around.

We also incorporated the thematic math manipulatives that we got from MGT this month as markers that I hid throughout the living room. This way we were able to talk more in depth about how we use a map and how we find markers on a map to help guide us.

To ensure that she fully understood it I had her draw a map next. As she doesn’t have the fine motor skills yet, I had her dictate and point and I did some of the drawing. Then she got to hide the objects from me…since I had drawn the map it actually wasn’t that challenging so we decided to include dad.

This is one of the great moments in our homeschooling journey, when we get to include dad and other members of the family. She gets so incredibly excited when she is able to show off some of her new skills and to share some of her learning.

Adding to the Map

When asked what was important to add to the map she had some predictable suggestions to start with. We focused on how to make Ricky her new Beaver feel at home. He needed to know where the potty was, the toys and the books. When we started talking about the types of things we need to make each of those places more accessible I was impressed with her suggestions.

Apparently Ricky needed to know where the stool was so he could reach the potty and wash his hands. Afterwards, he needed to know where the pillow and the light switch is so he can read in the tent with twinkle lights. For toys he needed to know where the closet is, but also the “school toys” as well as kitchen utensils for baking.

Then Ricky needed to know how to get out of the house to play outside. We reminded Ricky that he should never go out the front door by himself (Yay for Safety Moments!). This led us into a chance to talk about fire safety and what to do if the fire alarm goes off.

Mapping Further

M asked if we could map the way to our house outside. I said sure as we have worked on memorizing our name and address and phone number. While I never expect to be separated from her, I want to ensure if the unexpected happens she is equipped. It’s fantastic that this simple Circle Time activity has led us to a place where we can incorporate some of that learning in a fun and unobtrusive way.

Have you built a map with your preschooler? What did you include on it?

Disclosure – We were so excited to be chosen as an official Mother Goose Time Blog Ambassador effective September 2018. As a blog ambassador I receive the curriculum in exchange for my honest feedback and experiences using the materials. All thoughts and opinions are my own. I hope that you are encouraged and inspired to try new things with the little ones in your life.

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