Bananas in Fall

Bananas in the Fall Fruit?

When I saw the theme for the October unit was Orchard Harvest I had no idea we’d be doing a study on bananas. I don’t generally associate them with fall the way I do pumpkins and apples. But, they fit right in with our skins and shells week and gave us a great excuse to make banana bread muffins.

While M genuinely enjoys most of the activities, by far her favorite are the Create and Play art. The banana lesson included a banana tree art activity, which she gained more from then I would have guessed.

One of the reasons that I love Mother Goose Time, is that it’s a non-worksheet guided play based curriculum. We had studied trees and seeds in the first week of this month and I was surprised at how much M retained. She was able to talk about how the bananas grow in a group, while apples grow by themselves. She asked if these bananas were like the seeds we had studied previously, and why they are upside down.

Preschool Art Activity

Preschool Art Activity

Preschool Art Activity

Preschool Art Activity

I keep a fully stocked craft cabinet, but Mother Goose Time adds to it with every activity and always sends more than we need. However, I love that we always get new materials to play with and some I never would have thought to include. I honestly didn’t think about making art with packing peanuts, but M loved it and they were just the right size and level of interaction for her.

What else came in today’s bag?


Does your toddler love to play games? Mine sure does. We have played Candy Land approximately 862 times already. And she’s only 3. Included in the magical box every month are various theme based games.

These aren’t games that are going to become heirlooms, but they are games that are a quick fix when your cooking dinner and want to keep them occupied. (Yes, I totally use our homeschooling resources for busy time activities). All of her games from Mother Goose Time get a shelf life of 1-3 days. After that they have to move out because I can’t handle the extra clutter.

But, it’s wonderful that we get new games to play without having to spend a fortune. They introduce her to something new and then we move on. She loves them, they are no prep for me. It’s a win-win.

Fall Letters

After the game came the letter matching. Admittedly, my least favorite activity for school prep is cutting, but these were out in under 5 minutes. Not bad. With 3 sets of fall fruit, each with a lower case and uppercase E, I and L to match, she was busy for a bit working on those.

Afterwards we put on our Dance N Beats and were giddy with excitement to discover the Banana Boogie was the song. For those of you that haven’t discovered it yet, Dance N Beats has a free You Tube Channel with toddler and preschool dances. WE have long been avid fans of the Banana Boogie with many videos sent to Grandma of us bending like a banana.

Disclosure – We were so excited to be chosen as an official Mother Goose Time Blog Ambassador effective September 2018. As a blog ambassador I receive the curriculum in exchange for my honest feedback and experiences using the materials. All thoughts and opinions are my own. I hope that you are encouraged and inspired to try new things with the little ones in your life.

If you are looking for a non-toy gift for someone special in your life, consider gifting a Mother Goose Time box or including an entire curriculum. Wondering what’s in an entire box? Take a look at November’s Transportation Station unpacking here.



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