Apple Studies with Mother Goose Time

Orchard Harvest Apple Studies

Have you been looking for a fun preschool curriculum? Are you wanting something play based that builds learning into more than a worksheet? We both love Mother Goose Time always and especially our Orchard Harvest Theme this month.

Working on our apple studies this week was great fun! When M gets out of bed she goes to check our daily list so she knows what to anticipate. Most days it doesn’t change much, but I try to keep it updated on days we have other activities scheduled.

Today we were excited to see a giant thunderstorm for our weather chart. The sun gets a little boring everyday when it comes to weather time. Our Circle Time suggested we sing a song and pass around apples. I used to struggle with Circle Time as it’s just us, but I’ve learned to look for the intended outcome.

Rather than closely following the activity, I work on creating a way to get to the end individually. This one is relatively easy as we sing together and I had 2 apples ready to go for us to compare.

We move on to our calendar. Using Circle Time tips from Stacy at Things to Share and Remember I bring out the pointer. We sing along with our days of the week song from our Circle Time CD. I love that as we go about our day, M is starting to use days of the week in her conversation. Granted, not the correct day of the week, but she’s grasping the concept.

After Circle Time, I always give her some dedicated free play and she generally gravitates over to the STEAM station. To help with our transition later, I make sure and tell her we’re going to spend about 30 minutes just playing, unless you get done early.

Our STEAM station was dissecting apples. We had done this as a fun project last month along with a fun printable from Pencils and Chalk, so she was an old pro at it. As we had done this before, the activity didn’t hold her attention as long this time. We moved on to our Creative Corner after about 10 minutes.

Here we talked about waiting patiently. We always get 2 books from Mother Goose Time each month, and this activity is focused on our forest friends book. (Additional Nature Book suggestions here). When we have a book related activity we always sit and reread the story to ensure it’s fresh in our memory.

This month’s theme is patience, so we talked about times we’ve had to be patient recently. M chose to draw a picture of being patient while waiting for a picnic…with a pie, juice and an apple. Not the most healthy picnic, but hey it’s her fantasy.

I didn’t realize we had to be patient waiting for our picnic, but apparently it made a big impact on her. Mother Goose Time gives you the option of ordering for as many children as needed, so I always order for 2. The 2nd one is a great way for me to create the project so M can see an example, or to allow her to complete a project a 2nd time. I created a picture as well and we compared the 2 and different things we included in our picnic.

After we finished our picture and had a snack and moved on to rolling for letters. M was more interested in tracing the letters written in highlighter than in the apples rolling from the tree. I do love that she remembers the farmer we bought the apples from.

One of our fall goals was to find the best farmer’s market in the area. If you haven’t been to a farmer’s market with your toddler, I highly recommend it. Letting her meet and talk with the farmers that grow our food helps create a healthy relationship with real food. Need some ideas on what to do at a farmers market? Check out this post here and get your free scavenger hunt for your toddler.

Today however, we did talk about how apples fall off trees, their shapes and how the letters are all lines. She wasn’t super in to it though, so we moved on.

Our last activity of the morning utilized our manipulative’s. M loves getting out these brightly colored sets each month. She gets frustrated that the mats are smaller than the actual manipulative, but loved getting to trace the manipulative to create a new and unique mat.

We reread Johnny and talked about the squirrel friend and how he showed patience throughout the story. Then we went to our map to find the places that Johnny walked to and talked about how long of a walk that must be.

Afterwards we move out to the living room for some dance and movement.  It’s been pouring down rain so we are keeping our activity indoors. Being mindful that little bodies need to move, I’m working hard to ensure that she has adequate time wiggling. There is a CD that comes with the package each month, but honestly my favorite resource is the YouTube Channel for Dance N Beats.

After she tires of that we’ll usually throw on some toddler yoga and it’s getting close to lunch time. While I’m putting lunch together, I put out her bells and turn on our Preschool Music class. After lunch we generally have a free play afternoon and evening.

How do you plan your homeschooling? We’ve found that mornings work best for us because afternoons and evenings can get hectic, but we’ve tried it both ways.  Are you working on a fall or apple based theme? Looking for some fall ideas? Check out our 30 days of fall blog party.

Disclosure – We were so excited to be chosen as an official Mother Goose Time Blog Ambassador effective September 2018. As a blog ambassador I receive the curriculum in exchange for my honest feedback and experiences using the materials. All thoughts and opinions are my own. I hope that you are encouraged and inspired to try new things with the little ones in your life.



I’m a Fort Worth based mom with a passion for roasted beets, chocolate chip cookies and creating play based learning opportunities. I’m trying to set the example of a healthy lifestyle but find I enjoy coffee in my jammies more than running. I’m a work in progress and you are welcome to come hang out with me anytime.

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